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Business Registration

For Individual Business Registration

For registering a single-person business with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan, you typically need the following documents:

  1. 1. CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card): A copy of your valid CNIC is required for individual identification.
  2. 2. Proof of Address: Provide a utility bill or any other document confirming your residential address.
  3. 3. NTN (National Tax Number): If you already have an NTN, provide a copy. If not, you’ll need to apply for one during the registration process.
  4. 4. Bank Account Details: You may need to submit details of your personal bank account.
  5. 5. Business Details: Information about your business, such as its name, nature of business activities, and address.
  6. 6. Declaration Form: You might need to fill out and sign a declaration form confirming the accuracy of the information provided.

Please note that requirements may vary based on the specific regulations and procedures set by the FBR. It’s advisable to check the latest requirements on the official FBR website or consult with a tax advisor for accurate guidance.

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